Business and Billing Philosophy

My philosophy is to provide cost effective legal services by maintaining a lean overhead structure and transparency in billing.  As a client, you want to know up front what you and I will be working on and how much it will cost to complete the project.  Only then can you assess whether the services you are buying will add value to your business.

What does this mean in practice?  On many projects, clients can help by providing information in as close to final form as the contract or offering document requires.  I will need to review your input and make sure that it is seamlessly integrated into the legal document we are drafting, but your involvement, properly structured, can save time and money.

The same is true in reviewing documents that others have drafted.  As the attorney, I need a thorough overview of the transaction so that I can spot issues, but I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  If a document is in good shape when I review it, then my time on the deal can be minimized.

I invite your comments to this blog post and look forward to posting another missive in the near future.

John A. Myer is a corporate and securities lawyer with Myer Law PLLC in Seattle, Washington.   This posting does not constitute legal advice.